Second Marine
I am also started working on my tactical squad. I used lots of paint mixing and watered down my paints for this model. My highlighting is still kind of random but I think it turned out ok.

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Warhammer and My Wife

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This blog is a project I am conducting documenting my experience of learning how to play and paint Warhammer Fantasy with my wife. I hope to post how much I spend, what I buy, and my wife's reactions. We will unbox everything together. I hope this blog will provide insight into how this all works and also encourage others to make their loved ones a part of what they enjoy.

Update: The direction of the site has now changed. So as I am sure its not a huge shock my wife Karissa was not into warhammer Fantasy/40k =(. I never got around to actually playing the game because lets face it the game is super hard to set time aside for. Even if I did bring my army to the local shop no one really wants to play a 750 pt game.

The focus of the site is moving toward warmachine. It all Starts with a battle box. We will see where this goes.

My Job

I also build websites for a living. Currently I am Working on UX Owl and Pitch Theory. They are both in startup mode.

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